Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Brain is Still on Vacation

I think my brain must still be on vacation because I'm drawing a creative blank these days. I gotta shake it soon though because the holiday season is just around the corner and will require a good amount of mental stealth to negotiate through the next several weeks. I'll save a few brain cells by not fretting over a Thanksgiving feast--we are headed down south to spend Thanksgiving with family. I get to eat my momma's and momma- in- law's down home good cooking for the week. That's reason enough right there to be thankful.

Thanksgiving really does not get the full attention or respect it deserves. It's become the forgotten holiday squeezed in between Halloween and Christmas. At our Walmart they were putting out the Christmas decorations before they had Halloween leftovers on the clearance aisle. "Rushing the season" my momma used to say but I think that had more to do with my wardrobe choices than the over-commercialism of the holidays.

Being brain dead, however, has not prevented me from my pre-holiday shopping (shopping like breathing is an automatic reflex for me). While in honor of Thanksgiving I'm not ready to decorate my house for Christmas or start playing Christmas music, I have purchased some new Christmas music to put me in the mood as we travel the many hours over the river and through the woods on the way back home from Grandmas house. Twelve hours in the car deserves some serious music.

This is a no-brainer that truly embraces the holiday spirit.

I'll be back when when the gray matter regenerates.

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